Our Harness training courses cover the safe use and pre-use inspection of safety harnesses as well as statutory inspections of harnesses.

Our Harness user course is tailored to those who are required to work with safety harnesses and lanyards, enabling the confident use, maintenance and pre-use inspection of their personal harness, in line with Health and Safety and Working at Height regulations.

Our Harness Inspection course covers the statutory inspections of harnesses, lanyards and connectors used for restraint and fall arrest purposes only. Our Harness Inspection course is for those who carry out Inspections on Harnesses, Lanyards and Connectors for their company and complete the statutory forms required.

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Course Date Location Availability
Safety Harness - Chelmsford - Morning23-07-2024Chelmsford5 Spaces
Safety Harness Inspection - Chelmsford - Afternoon23-07-2024Chelmsford6 Spaces
Safety Harness - Chelmsford - Afternoon25-07-2024Chelmsford3 Spaces
Safety Harness - Southend - Morning26-07-2024Southend4 Spaces

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