Elevate Your Safety Skills with Mark One Training's Rooftop Safety Training Course

Elevate Your Safety Skills with Mark One Training's Rooftop Safety Training Course

Empowering You with Knowledge and Skills

Our intensive one-day course is meticulously designed for individuals who work on rooftops. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to working at height, our training will enrich your understanding of rooftop access, egress, and the various hazards that accompany such environments.

Key Learning Outcomes

Understanding Risks: Recognise the perils of working at height, including the dangers of falls.

Harness Mastery: Gain hands-on experience in the use of basic harnesses, including inspection and fitting.

Safety on Fixed Ladders: Learn the best practices for working safely on fixed ladders and comprehend the broader risks of rooftop work.

Regulatory Compliance: Get a thorough overview of the Working at Height regulations, focusing particularly on rooftop tasks.

Blending Theory with Practice

Our course balances theoretical knowledge with practical skills. You'll start with a detailed theory session covering the Working at Height regulations. Following this, you'll engage in hands-on learning in our purpose-built rooftop area.

This includes:

  • Using installed anchor systems.
  • Exploring temporary anchor systems
  • Tailored Training Experience

The course is specially tailored for those required to work on rooftops. It encompasses the use and inspection of harnesses and safety equipment, adhering to Health and Safety and Working at Height regulations.

Course Highlights

Maximised Learning: Limited to 8 participants per session to ensure personalised attention.

Theory and Practical Elements: A balanced approach for a comprehensive understanding.

Certified and Accredited: Fully certified and accredited by Mark One Hire.

Comprehensive Agenda

  • Course Registration
  • Understanding Regulations and Principles
  • Insights into Working at Height
  • Responsibilities and Duties
  • Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Selecting Appropriate Harnesses and Safety Devices
  • Harness and Device Inspection
  • Harness and Lanyard Usage
  • Introduction to Leading Edge and Associated Equipment
  • Practical Approaches: Fixed Ladders and Double Lanyards
  • Rooftop Practical Including Latchway
  • Understanding Radiation and Syncope
  • Dealing with Weather Conditions and Other Hazards
  • Rescue Procedures
  • Comprehensive Theory Test and Practical Session

Your Safety, Our Priority

At Mark One Hire, we believe in empowering our delegates with the skills and knowledge to not only protect themselves but also enhance their professional capabilities. Our "Work at Height – Rooftop Safety" course is more than just a training program; it's an investment in your safety and career.

Join us in Essex for this essential training. Secure your spot today and step up your safety game with Mark One Hire.

For more information and to register, visit our website or contact us directly.

Elevate Your Safety, Elevate Your Future with Mark One Training.

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