We appreciate that some delegates may be nervous about taking a theory test paper, so have devised our own quiz to give you a rough idea of the questions that may arise.

1. Working at Height is described as?

2. The WAHR 2005 regs explain the need for a risk assessment when working at height. When is this required?

3. BS 1004:2004 states the spacing between guardrails on a mobile tower shall be no more than?

4. The main guardrail of a mobile tower that conforms to BS 1004:2004 will be no more than ______ from the platform?

5. BS 8460:2005 gives guidance on the safe distance from power cables on steel towers. What is that distance?

6. BS 8460:2005 recommends operators inspect their machines by following the appropriate manual, but how often?

7. LOLER 1998 requires a MEWP to be thoroughly inspected how often?

8. The HSE recommends two methods to construct a mobile scaffold tower safely. Name them?

9. Leaning ladders should be erected at an angle of _________ degrees?

10. A guardrail provides what kind of protection?

11. Ladders and steps are for short durational use, so how long should they be used in one position?

12. The European Standard of EN365 recommends a harness should be inspected every ________ as a legal requirement?

13. The HSE recommend the use of a harness in what type of MEWP?

14. LOLER 1998 requires 4 things to be marked on a MEWP. What are they?

15. A harness is required to display 2 things?

Reveal answers


  • Question one: B
  • Question two: B
  • Question three: A
  • Question four: C
  • Question five: B
  • Question six: B
  • Question seven: C
  • Question eight: B
  • Question nine: C
  • Question ten: B
  • Question eleven: B
  • Question twelve: D
  • Question thirteen: A
  • Question fourteen: A
  • Question fifteen: B

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